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The key attractions to Luapula Province include water falls, wildlife, vast Bangweulu wetlands, traditional ceremonies and festivals. The water falls include the iconic and undisturbed Lumangwe falls that is a curtain falls like the Victoria Falls in Livingstone, Ntumbachushi falls, Kabwelume falls, Musonda Falls, Mumbuluma Falls and the Mumbotuta falls. The province is home to diverse cultural and ethnic groupings that host an array of traditional ceremonies celebrating their conquests as well as paying homage to their ancestors such as the Bwilile Ceremony of the Bwile People, Umutomboko Ceremony of the Lunda People, Chishinga Malaila, Kwanga, Musubilwa mpemba to mention a few that occur annually from May to November.


Likewise, the scenery  and geographic orientation of Luapula Province makes the best gate away for hiking and biking, the Luapula River from which the Province is named and its tributaries provide serene environment for fishing expeditions and water sports such as rafting especially on the Mumbotuta rapids and falls. Further, for the nature enthusiasts bird watching on the Bangweulu wetlands and swamps. As a result, Insaka tours brand intends to provide tour packages that will enable clients appreciate both the cultural and natural diversity and ecosystems.

Giving Back To The Community

Our vision is to be the leading tour operator in Luapula Province through provision of personalized and environmentally as well as community sensitive tour services. And our mission is to create sustainable jobs and livelihoods to the people and communities that live near and around the tourism sites so that they are able to create wealth for their households through the income realized from the package tours and visits by tourists.