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Who We Are

We seek to provide unique, authentic and teller made holiday experience through personalised  nature and safari tours, historical trails cultural tours as well as private access to the Royal Highnesses and traditional leaders of Luapula Province. We will target the following groups: Couples and individual adventure travellers, Group adventure travellers and Corporate business and adventure travellers


To be the leading tour operator in Luapula Province through provision of personalized and environmentally as well as community sensitive tour services


To create sustainable jobs and livelihoods to the people and communities that live near and around the tourism sites so that they are able to create wealth for their households through the income realized from the package tours and visits by tourists.

Luapula Province Trivia

  • The name Luapula is derived from a River “Luapula” which means “cut across”

  • Luapula Province is one of Zambia's ten pronvinces located in the northen part of Zambia. It's capital is Mansa

  • The province has an international border along Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) and domestically extends along the northern and eastern banks of the Luapula river from Lake Bangweulu to Lake Mweru.

  • The province is inhabited by Lunda, who are also the major tribe in the country. Bemba is one of the widely spoken languages in the province.

  • There are 8 cultural festivals. Mutomboko ceremony is the most popular festival celebrated.

  • Lumangwe Falls, Mumbuluma Falls, Mumbotuta Waterfalls, Kundabwika Waterfalls and Chilongo Waterfalls are the major water falls.

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